segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011


The phone kept ringing. It had been ringing all day now. I was getting sick of it, really. Actually, I had gotten sick of it a very long time ago, but it never occured to me to do something about it. Until it hit me - bills to pay, banks calling to collect,... If only life was like a movie and I could just rob a bank and then drive away, fast.

I was waiting for my sugar to come back from his classes. He was in college, studying computers or some shit like that. I never really understood what it is he studied, but I knew it was complicated. He pulled his car up in my driveway. That purple eggplant crazy car of his was more noisy than a pregnant lady giving birth - it was histerical. He seemed to like it. Paid a lot of money to have it roaring like that. Apparently, noise was his thing - he also loved shrieking the tires on the pavement.

I got to telling him about my daydreaming. I guess I didn't know'm that well - he pulled a gun from a compartment in the car door and said "I know enough about computers to hack a bank for you. But just in case, we better be packin' some heat".

I didn't know what to do. I was so over feeling invincible like we do in our teenage years. But somehow it made me feel alive. What the hell... I had bills to pay and I wasn't gettin' any richer sittin' at home complaining to God about my debts. Alright, let's do this.

The magic happened pretty smoothly. We went in the bank and he approached a friend of his who owed him some money. The guy walked away to get the cash and he sat on the computer and worked his web charms. Told me to wait there for someone to bring me a bag of money, while he was starting the car outside.

A minute later, the guy wasn't back yet and this lady came to me with this big bag, so full of whatever that it seemed that little bags would burst outta there any second, and said:
- Are you Miss Anna Sophia?
- Well... I must be.
- Then this bag's got your name on it. Here's the withdrawal you requested. Gave us a lil' hard work, considering it was all in cash. But if the bank can't pull it off, who can, right? - and smiled happily. As did I.
- Yes, yes, you sure can! I'm much obliged. I'll be seeing you around, good day to you, ma'am.
- Good day, Miss Anna Sophia. What a nice pretty lady... - she walked away dazzled by my charms. Never thought I'd make a good thief. Anyway, my eggplant getaway car was waitin' outside.

I got in. Forgot about the seatbelt. I mean, we had just broken a few laws there, forgetting 'bout the seatbelt was the least of my worries. The tires shrieked as the car jumped into movement and I was free. Rock music came on the radio and, as we turned the corner on our way to God knows where, I stuck my head outta the car door and the wind blew my hair in my face while I tried - and failed - to see if anyone was coming after our sorry asses. Guess not.

You know what? I guess I'm not that over feelin' invincible. As a matter of fact, I could get used to this feeling pretty damn fast.

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